Marketing highly influences business success. It is crucial to create awareness about the products and services you are offering. To be effective, marketing relies on the power of data. To make the most out of the information available, marketing teams use a customer data platform. It provides a unified view of information from online and offline channels. In this article, we’ll list the important information about your customers to help improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a platform to manage the data that we will list below, one of the best options worth considering is Lytics.

  1. Age

When it comes to demographic information about the customers, age is one of the most important. Marketing should target specific generations. For instance, if the target market is people who are from 18 to 25 years old, the approach is different compared to marketing when the target is people who are from 60 to 75 years old. Understanding different age groups is crucial to know their preferences, such as in terms of the online content that they will find most appealing.

  1. Location

Another important information to collect from your customers is their location. Location-based marketing refers to a marketing method based on the location of potential clients. Brand messaging depends on the location of the audience. This is especially important for large corporations with global operations. For instance, marketing for customers in the United States is different from marketing to those who are in Asian or European countries. Customers from different locations have varying cultural beliefs, and it is important for businesses to be sensitive in their messaging.

  1. Birthdays

This is an important information to gather to execute personalized marketing. It is a great way to build a life-long relationship with your customers. It creates a memorable experience that influences the profitability of the business. Businesses can give out discount codes, freebies, and other promos during the birthday of their customers. Even an act as simple as sending out a birthday card will surely be appreciated by your customers.

  1. Social Media Accounts

In this digital age, social media is a popular marketing platform that businesses should not ignore. During interactions with the customers, ask for their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, among other social media channels that they can have. Follow their accounts and start building an interaction. This way, they will be in the know when you have new products and services or latest promotions.

  1. Profession

It is also important to identify the career of the customers in your database. Their occupations speak a lot about their buying preferences and behaviors, making it easier to create marketing materials that will appeal to them. It also has an impact on how to frame a message in such a way that it is effectively conveyed to the customers.

Do not underestimate the power of customer data. It is an important component of your marketing campaign. Whether it is age, location, or profession, among others, collect the details mentioned above and use them in your marketing strategies.

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