Microsoft is the world leader for providing the operating systems for billions of users around the world. With each launch it brings forth a range of editions to enjoy. Windows 10 too has come with a list of editions which makes it equally difficult for the users to understand what suits their needs!

While there has been a lot of debate around the Windows 10 Home Vs Pro features, the other editions aren’t any ignorable too. Each one covers an aspect of business or use suitable to a section of the market users. Here is a brief on some editions to help your choice!

Windows 10 Home

This one is a basic pre-installed system that comes with your laptop or computer. It has some of the major features of Windows 10 like Cortinuum, Microsoft Edge, Universal apps etc. However it does not allow the users to join the domain network. The group policy editor does not come installed but can be added by the users if need be! Although suitable for a home network computer, this edition does not contain some of the prominent features that made Windows 10 popular i.e. BitLocker, remote desktop, Client Hyper-V, Enterprise Mode IE etc.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Professional is designed for office workers with enability of domain server connection. This one includes all the features of Windows 10 Home plus some extra features like BitLocker, Client Hyper-V, Azure Directory, Remote Desktop, group policy management etc. This also has some extra set of tools for the professionals to work on crucial documentary designs.

Windows 10 Enterprise

This one is a step ahead of the Pro edition. Along with all the features of Windows 10 Pro it includes further features like Applocker, credential guard, Windows Creator, Direct Access etc. This is designed specifically for business enterprise models which have requirement of working with multifaceted organizations and employees.

Windows 10 Mobile

With smart phones driving the most of the market today, the Windows 10 Mobile is an edition specially designed for the smart phones. It comes with mobile compatibility and basic tools like Cortinuum, word, spreadsheets etc. It also enables a variety of application usage.

Windows 10 VL

For large enterprises there is need for a single license usae for the whole enterprise. VL stands for Volume License which enables one product key usage for organization wide use.

There are other Windows 10 editions which are designed to suit certain countries like N editions are for the European market and KN edition is specifically for the Korean market. Choose the edition that suits your purpose and benefits you!

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